Our Scales and Gauges
  1. HO scale
    HO scale
    Our HO scale layout is one of our most popular layouts, it starts in the front room, goes through the BATHROOM and end up in the backroom, the HO scale layout depicts three towns.
  2. O gauge lionel
    O gauge lionel
    Our O gauge Lionel layout is the first layout you see when you walk in the door it is our layout with the most trains running at once, 6 trains that is, the O gauge depicts the four seasons.
  3. G scale
    G scale
    Our G scale layout is the third layout inside our club house, our G scale layout was designed entirely from photos of Hartwick Pines State Park in Grayling , Michigan.
  4. Garden Railroad
    Garden Railroad
    Our Garden Railroad is our outdoor G scale layout, it has 3 trains that run at the same time, a passenger line, a freight line, and a trolley line on top. Located at the Ausable River Center.
  5. 7 1/2 gauge Ride on Railroad
    7 1/2 gauge Ride on Railroad
    Our Ride-on Railroad is a fully restored original 7 1/2 gauge train. The Railroad is for children and adults to enjoy, the railroad is located at the Ausable River Center.
  6. Our Traveling Layout
    Our Traveling Layout
    Our Traveling Layout is depicted of the Michigan Logging Era of the late 1800s early 1900s, we take this layout to train shows and events across Michigan.

The Lake State Railway Santa Train

A message from the      
Lake State Railway regarding there Santa Train:

Merry Christmas to all from Lake State Railway Company!
To celebrate the holiday season, we operate our annual Toys for Tots Santa Train. Thanks to donations from the community, we are able to give families in need a Christmas to remember this year. This event is a huge success and we are looking at the possibility of expanding our Santa Train in the future. We'd like to thank everyone who donates and participates in helping us host this magical holiday event! Please "LIKE" and follow our Facebook Page for updates on our current rail projects in Michigan and be sure to share this video with your friends!
Get to know Toys for Tots and become involved in your local community: 


As of now, the Santa Train visits: 
Standish, Michigan,
West Branch, Michigan (slow roll through),
Roscommon, Michigan (Next to our club),
and Grayling, Michigan.

For times and dates, visit                                  our facebook page:
Roscommon Model Railroad Club.